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best adblocker app for android?

Looking for a no-root and free adblocker for android? Skim through our quick view list of the best adblocker apps for android below!

Brave Private Web Browser

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You can browse the web privately, completely free of charge! Brave Private Browser app is your private, fast and secure web browser. It also has a pop-up and ad blocking capabilities. You can browse the web privately and avoid being tracked by malware, advertisers and pop-ups.

There are no plugins, settings or extensions! The Brave privacy browser is the fastest, most secure web browser available for Android. You can enjoy private browsing without ads, popups or malware.

Features of the Browser

  • Incognito Private Internet Browser Free
  • Built-in AdBlocker available for free
  • A private internet browser that blocks pop-up ads (blocks them)
  • Private browsing is safe
  • Less data and battery drainage
  • Securely sync bookmarks
  • Web browser tracking protection free
  • Privacy bookmarks

AdShield – Ad blocker

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AdShield, an ad blocking & DNS changer that supports mobile connections and WIFI, is available on both your Android phone & tablet. AdShield uses advanced interception technology to ensure that your web browsing experience is free from ads and allows you to view more content. AdShield blocks advertisements, banners and adult sites. AdShield can be used to block advertisers tracking of your behaviour and it saves data plan as well.

AdShield literally blocks advertisements on all browsers. AdShield doesn’t require you to switch to an “ad-blocker” browser in order to block ads. The application works with almost any browser, including Chrome. AdShield does not contain an anti-virus app.

This is the most compatible ad blocking product on the market

  • DNS-based interception mode (VPN mode for all modern browsers, Chrome etc.
  • Rule-based Interception (Enhanced Browsing), specifically for Yandex Browser

Adblock Fast

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Now you can block advertisements without having to root your phone or switch browsers!

Adblock Fast uses an optimized filtering system to speed up webpages and consume less memory, CPU cycles, disk space and memory than most other ad blocking programs.

Adblock Fast does not allow “acceptable ads”, unlike some other ad blocking programs.

Avast Secure Browser: Fast VPN + Ad Block

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Avast Secure browser is an advanced private browser that comes with AdBlock, VPN and other features.

It makes secure browsing quick and simple. Avast’s privacy browser was developed by cybersecurity professionals at Avast. It automatically blocks trackers and ads that can slow down your browsing and offers advanced security features like free VPN, Anti-Tracking and PIN Lock. This makes it the most private and secure browser for Android.

  • Rapid and secure private browsing
  • AdBlock makes it easier to browse faster
  • Best-in-class VPN protection protects your computer and online data.
  • Protect Your Sensitive Data
  • PIN Lock and Fingerprint Unlock
  • Secure synced

Unicorn Blocker:Adblocker, Fast & Private

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Did you know that data costs incurred by ads can quadruple in some cases?
Unicorn blocks ads up to four times, which saves you data and allows web surfing to be up to three times more efficient. Lighter web surfing can increase your battery life by up to 21%

Adblock Browser: Block ads, browse faster

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Adblock Browser (ABB), which is based on Chromium and is sleek, secure, fast, and simple to use. Stop bad advertisements and advertisers tracking you every movement. Data and battery life can be saved. You can surf the internet without stress by making your browsing anonymous.

Annoying advertisements are gone.

ABB’s built-in, superior ad blocking technology sets it apart from all other browsers.

ABB blocks disruptive and annoying ads right out of the box. This includes video ads and banner ads. You may occasionally see ads that don’t disrupt your browsing experience. These ads support content creators. These ads can also be blocked by you turning off Acceptable Ads in your ABB settings.

Adblock – No Ads. Better battery, faster browsing.

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AdBlock, a professional adblocker for Android phones and tablets runs on all Android devices. AdBlock’s advanced interception technology (DNS) allows you to browse ad-free and only see the content that you are interested in.

AdBlock stops ads, banners and in-app advertisment. It also blocks advertisements, banners, malicious websites, gambling sites, and adult websites. AdBlock can be used to prevent advertisers tracking you, protect your privacy and reduce data usage.
By blocking intrusive advertisements, you can reduce the chance of being “malvertised” by them. Protect yourself against malware by using Adblock.

To disable tracking, enhanced privacy is built-in You can browse anonymously on the internet with Adblock and prevent companies from monitoring your online activities.

Ad blocking doesn’t require you to switch your browser. The application works on any browser, including Google Chrome.

Here are the top features you should know:

  • No root permissions are required
  • This application is compatible with all web browsers and can adblock any content in.
  • All modern browsers support DNS-based interception (VPN Mode).
  • Stops websites that are distributing malicious content, viruses or fraudulent sites.

This is the most compatible ad blocking product on the market.

Blokada Slim Ad blocker – No Ads, better battery

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Blokada Slim is an app which blocks ads using DNS servers. It allows you to browse ad-free and only see the content that you are interested in.

Free Adblocker Browser : Adblock & Private Browser

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This browser is free and blocks popups, video ads, banner ads, as well as video ads. It’s a mobile-friendly ad blocking and privacy browser that is a good alternative to the other browsers.


  • Remove ads from Videos
  • Watch videos without ads on this website and enjoy ad blocking.
  • In Free ad blocking Browser you won’t have to waste your time watching advertisements before the video starts.
  • The videos will play immediately without any ads. You are protected from unwanted tracking ads by this private browser on video sites.
  • Pop-up Adblocker
  • Banner Adblocker – This Adblock Browser will make sure you don’t see any junk on your web pages. It will clean them all and give you an amazing private browsing experience.

AdClear Content Blocker

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Android users: Here’s the answer to your ad blocking problems.

AdClear Content Blocker blocks ads from any web browser! Play games and surf the internet. You can also update social media. DNS Changer has you covered.

AdClear Content Blocker is a must have app that will help users save bandwidth and battery time, as well as keep them safe from malicious ads.


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AdBlock works well with Android smartphones. AdBlock does not require root access, which is a major advantage over other ad blocking software. It also protects your Android mobile device from malicious malware. AdBlock makes web surfing easier, more secure and enjoyable.

This makes the Free Adblock an excellent mobile app and is a fantastic alternative to other mobile adsblockers.

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