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Best Stylus Apps for Android

The popularity of smartphones and tablets as music players and gaming platforms has increased the need for hardware accessories to ensure a better experience. A touchscreen stylus allows for two-handed interactions with small devices and is comfortable enough to be held for lengthy periods. Every touch screen device has its learning curve and sensitivity to […]

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best games like candy crush saga for android

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Best Electrical Engineering Apps for Android

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best calculator apps for android

You don’t need a calculator in your pocket when the best calculator is available right there as an app on your phone. Even an average smartphone can perform as well as a handheld calculator, and it’s easier to carry one than two. Most phones come with built-in calculator apps. Even though they are very good, […]

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best adult coloring book app for android?

Addicted to adult coloring books? Looking for an app that enables your obsession on the go? Below are some amazing apps that do just that!