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Best Electrical Engineering Apps for Android

Electrical handbook: electrical engineering

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An application with more than 50 articles and 100 calculators is a catch! The app also contains six distinct parts: calculators, theory, connection diagrams, schemes, and converters. There were additional sections that you cannot find in any other applications.

Its converter has more than fifteen electrical units from SI to other derived units. The theory has essential topics and simple-to-understand language with neat and understandable diagrams.

Other key features of the app would be its small apk size, no internet connection required, and share result function. All of which impact an excellent mobile experience with the application.

Basic Electrical Engineering

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This engineering app can make your study more manageable, and it’s free! The handbook covers 100 important topics with detailed notes and resources like blogs, news, and materials within the app! If reading a long paragraph is your ultimate weakness, this app makes it easier by giving quick references like mini flashcards notes and studying personal.

Track your progress, customize your resources, add your favorite topics and share them to your social media accounts! It covers your electrical engineering syllabus so you can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview.

Don’t get left behind and download the app now! Full of diagrams, equations, and graphical presentations, you can avoid carrying tons of books and bring your phone whenever and wherever you go.

Electrical Engineering: The Basics of Electricity

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An app is not just for those studying or who have been studying electrical engineering; it’s also for anyone interested. With its easy-to-understand word and excellent user features, you can learn more about the intricacies of the profession.

Unlike any other application, this has three distinct sections; theory, writing, and calculators. The theory contains all detailed information about basic theory and topics on electricity, step-by-step instructions, and even tutorials on repairing equipment.

The second part contains interactive diagrams to better train your practical knowledge of the topic. The third section is all about tables and various calculators, which can help you give efficient calculations. This is an app worthy of being downloaded. What are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

Electrical Engineering

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This is a handbook with over 200 questions at your fingertips. New questions are continually released after new versions are released. Instead of reading and studying electrical engineering lessons, this app gives you multiple-choice items to refresh your memory on any topic you like.

Some of its key features would be its wide range of electrical engineering questions and its answers and solutions. Each question is also categorized, so you won’t need to get caught off guard and be surprised with random questions you didn’t prepare for.

The app also has interview puzzles that improve your critical thinking instead of memorizing concepts and ideas. This is a good choice for people who want consistently skim and refresh their knowledge.

electrical engineering books

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Do you not have enough money to buy books for your studies? The worry is over because this app gives you access to thousands of books used in electrical engineering, and you can even use them for offline use.

Instead of carrying countless books to school and bringing them back home, download them to your phone is better. Then if you’re bored waiting in line, on a train, or studying at a coffee shop, you can grab your phone and have something to use.

So, if you don’t want to spend money on books, this is one of the best options. Get this app on the play store now!

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