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best calculator apps for android

You don’t need a calculator in your pocket when the best calculator is available right there as an app on your phone. Even an average smartphone can perform as well as a handheld calculator, and it’s easier to carry one than two.

Most phones come with built-in calculator apps. Even though they are very good, the apps lack sophisticated features that you will find in top calculators — especially if you have to perform a lot more scientific calculations.

One of the top calculator apps will give you more power than your smartphone can provide.


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Calculator offers simple and complex mathematical functions within a beautiful app.

  • Do basic maths such as subtraction, addition, multiplication and division
  • Perform scientific operations, such as logarithmic and trigonometric.

HiPER Scientific Calculator

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HiPER Scientific Calculator can calculate up to 100 numbers of significance and nine numbers of exponent. The calculator can detect repeating decimals, and numbers can also be entered in fractions or converted into fractions.

It is possible to write natural expressions and then watch how your calculations turn out. You can display the result as either a number or a simplified expression.

  • There are many layouts that will work for different screen sizes.
  • Tablets can be “expanded”.
  • Tablets can have a multiline display that shows the history of all calculations as well as the results.
  • You can select from a variety of high-quality themes.

There are many advanced functions that the calculator can perform, including:

  • Conversion of periodic numbers to fractions
  • You can have as many braces as you like.
  • Variables and symbolic computation
  • Integrals and derivatives
  • Graphs of integral area and functions, graphs in 3D;
  • Calculation details: More information on a calculation such as complex roots and unit circles, etc. ;
  • Complex numbers
  • Conversion between polar and rectangular coordinates
  • Summaries and products from sequences
  • Trigonometric, and Hyperbolic Functions
  • Conversion of degrees, minutes, and seconds
  • Display exponent in SI units prefix
  • Memory operations using 10 additional memories
  • Binary, octal, and hexadecimal numeral system;
  • Logic operations
  • Bitwise rotations and shifts
  • More than 90 constants in nature;
  • Conversion between 250 units
  • Polish reverse notation

There are many options for the calculator to control full-screen mode, decimal, thousand separators and others.

Every feature is described using built-in help.

All-In-One Calculator

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Original All-In-One Calculator Android, this multi-calculator and converter is completely free, easy to use, and complete.

  • It is simple to use and solves everyday problems.
  • It can do everything, from simple to complex calculations to currency and unit conversions, percentages, ratios, areas, volumetrics, and more. It does all of it well!
  • It comes with over 75 calculators and unit converters, as well as a Scientific or Simple Calculator. This is the only calculator that you’ll ever need on your phone.
  • This program is for you if you’re a teacher, student, engineer, handyman or contractor who has trouble with math and conversions.


  • Scientific or simple layout
  • Editable input and cursor
  • Paste and Copy support
  • History of calculation
  • Memory buttons
  • Function graphing
  • Binary, Hex and Dec
    *Floating calculator
  • Widget


  • Geometry, Algebra, Finance, Health & Misc
  • A currency converter that converts 160 currencies offline
  • Get instant results as soon as you hit the enter key
  • A step-by-step guide and formulas
  • Faster navigation with Smart Search
  • Add shortcuts to your home screen


  • Calculate percentage
  • Calculate proportions
  • Calculator for Ratio
  • Arithmetic, harmonic and geometric calculators
  • Equation Solver – Linear, Quadratic, and Equation System
  • Permutations and combinations
  • Fractional to decimal
  • Fraction simplifyer
  • Checker for prime numbers
  • Calculator for the greatest common factor and lowest common multiple
  • Random number generator


  • Calculators for the following shapes: rectangle, trapezoid (trapezoid), square, rectangular, trapezoid and triangle; pentagon, pentagons, hexagons, circles, circle arcs, ellipse
  • Calculators for the body cube and rect. Square pyramid, prism. Pyramid frustum: cylinder, square pyramid, sq.

Conversions of units

  • Acceleration converter
  • Angle convertor
  • Convert length
  • Converter for energy
  • Convert force
  • Torque converter
  • Conversion of area
  • Convert volume
  • Convert volumetric flow to units
  • Conversion of weight
  • Conversion of temperature
  • Pressure convertor
  • Converter of power
  • Speed Converter
  • Convert Mileage
  • Conversion of time
  • Convert digital storage
  • Convert data transfer speed
  • Convert numeric base to decimal
  • Convert Roman numerals to English
  • Convert shoe size
  • Conversion of ring size
  • Conversion for cooking


  • Offline currency converter for 160 currencies
  • Calculate unit price
  • Calculator for sales tax
  • Tipp calculator
  • Calculator for loans
  • Calculator for compound interest / simple


  • Body mass index = BMI
  • Daily Calories Burned
  • Percentage of body fat


  • Calculate your age
  • Calculate the date
  • Calculator for time
  • Calculate Mileage
  • Ohms Law Calculator – Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

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ClevCalc – Calculator

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Samsung Calculator

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Calculator Plus Free

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Stylish Calculator Free – CALCU™

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Smart calculator – multipurpose calculator

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Scientific Calculator Free

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Scientific Calculator free

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HiEdu Scientific Calculator : He-570

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Graphing Calculator + Math, Algebra & Calculus

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Free scientific calculator plus advanced 991 calc

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Desmos Graphing Calculator

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