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best airpods pro app for android in 2022?

Looking for the best Apple Airpods Pro app for android? Look no further!

AndroPods – use Airpods on Android

This app brings you the next features for your AirPods Pro, Powerbeats Pro on Android.


  • AirPod Gen 1, 2
  • AirPod Pro Gen 1, 2

Battery level indicator:

  • Popup window with animation, just like the original.
  • Display AirPods battery status in notification (configurable).
  • Percent in notification icon
  • Ear detection: Suspend and Resume Playback After AirPods Plug/Unplug
  • Voice Assistant can be invoked by touching on AirPods (4 taps)

Pods Battery – AirPods Battery

You can monitor your AirPods’ battery status on Android with Pods Battery

It’s easy to use

  1. Once installed, you can open the app to allow permissions or change settings.
  2. Connect your AirPods to the app and it will display their battery level! Even if you lock your phone or close the app, it will still display their battery levels.


  • Apple AirPods 1
  • AirPods 2
  • AirPods Pro


  • Displays an AirPods status notification when the device is connected.
  • When your AirPods are connected to your smartphone, they connect
  • You can view the charging status for your AirPods inside and outside the case
  • Check the status of your charge

AirBuds Popup – airpod battery app

It’s fast, simple, and beautiful. This app will tell you the battery status of your AirPods.

Displays an indicator of a “battery popup” when the AirPods are connected.
Keep a battery notification for one minute if the device is locked.
The ‘Notification widget” allows you to check battery status.

Extended feature

  • Dark theme: Dark widget/popup for Phone users who use Dark themes
  • Wearing detection: AirPods can play media while wearing detection.
  • AirPods – Caller reading: This reads the caller’s name and phone number.
  • Assistive listening : This aids in hearing the spoken words of someone who’s near you or from another place.

More information

  • AirBuds names may be modified in the BT system setting.
  • This app needs the permission to access AirPods’ ‘BLE Beacon’ signal. This app does not have permission to access location data and it doesn’t even allow internet usage.
  • On certain smartphones, the system position service must be on.

Assistant Trigger (Airpods battery & more)


  • Airpods’ battery status is displayed in the app.
  • Works with AirPods 1st and 2nd generation, Airpods Pro, Powerbeats PRO, Airpods max
  • Open a popup window to display the Airpods’ battery status on your case
    To trigger the voice assistant, double-tap (Airpods Gen 2) or single press (Airpods Pro)
  • Show battery level in the notification bar (pro).
  • Airpods for ear detection. Pro: Pause/resume music automatically
  • Notify incoming calls and app notifications when the Airpods have been connected (announcer).

PodAir – AirPods Battery Level

Are you looking for your AirPods lost? Lost your AirPods?

Bickster is a pioneer in Bluetooth-enabled apps for iOS and Android. We were able bring the Apple AirPods experience directly to Android by leveraging our Bluetooth expertise.

Android users can easily and quickly view their AirPods battery levels with PodAir.

  • You can view your battery percentage on the right, left, or AirPod case batteries by using the – app each day.
  • Supports Apple AirPods Pro, AirPods 2 and AirPods 1.
  • When your AirPods are connected to your smartphone, they automatically connect
  • You can view the charging status for your AirPods inside and outside the case
  • Check the status of your charge

Just like iPhone users, you can get the battery readings for your AirPods. You can now enjoy the many benefits of AirPods every day with your Android phone!

AirBoss | AirPods Control + AirPods Battery

Maximize your music experience and use the coolest AirPods app for Android: AirBoss!

With AirBoss you can configure custom events when tapping your AirPods and display the battery status.

You also get a AirBoss Pro trial to test all additional features as well.

From now on you have full control over your AirPods on Android: AirBoss brings full AirPods Control as well as the current AirPods Battery charge.

It enables full AirPods Support on Android with AirPods battery status and customizable AirPods settings for the tap events.
AirBoss works perfectly with your Apple AirPods 1 or 2 and every music app!

Take your AirPods experience on Android to the next level!


  • AirPods battery charge display
  • AirPods control for taps on Android
  • AirBoss notices when you are using your Apple AirPods ! It even works when the app is closed.
  • Supports Dark Mode from Android

AirPods battery details:

  • AirPods battery and AirPods Case battery in the app
  • Battery status as a notification whenever your AirPods are connected
  • Battery warnings as notification (AirBoss Pro)

AirPods settings details:

  • Customizable double tap on AirPods (play/pause, next/previous song, volume)
  • Customizable quad and sixfold tap on your AirPods (AirBoss Pro)
  • Automatic pausing when taking one AirPod out of the ear (ear detection) (AirBoss Pro)


The app shows you the battery status of your Apple AirPods, Airpod Pro and generation 1/2 Apple AirPods.

To check the status of your Apple AirPods/ Beats By Dr. Dre, open this Airpod app. You can also use the pro notification to take a quick glance at your Apple AirPods/ Beats by Dre.

These are the features

  • See the charge levels for Apple AirPods (Gen 3 devices) and Beats By Dr. Dre(Gen 3).
  • Support for Apple W1 or H1 chips
  • Self-updating notification* (pro
  • The notification icon on the status bar displays the current charge for the lowest pod (pro).
  • opens automatically when Beats or AirPods are connected to your phone
  • Only display nearest AirPods/Beats*
  • A small popup will display the current status of your Beats/AirPods battery.
  • In Ear Detection for Spotify
  • Also tested successfully with Netflix, YouTube and Google Play Music.


  • AirPods 1
  • AirPods 2
  • AirPods Pro
  • BeatsX
  • Powerbeats3
  • Powerbeats Pro
  • Beats Solo3
  • Beats Studio3
  • You must activate this feature manually in the settings.

This app utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), interface. Because the beacons used for indoor navigation use Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth LE API only works when Location Permission is granted.

Connecting with an iPhone/Macbook is the only way to personalize AirPods or change double tap functionality. You can then use Android to change the double tap functionality.

Air Battery Status- Best Pods Control

When connected to an air battery unit, the “Air Battery – Airpods Power” Plugin allows you to use features such as device settings and status view.

This application does not work alone as this is a component of the application to control the pods.

For the air battery application to work normally, the “andropods – airpods battery & other power” application has to be enabled first.

This marvelous “air battery – pods control app” lets you handle various airpod events, such as play, pause, up volume, down volume, next play, previous play and many more. This software “air battery – Best pods control” allows you to control different activities.

This leading “podroid – pods control” feature allows you to regularly sync Airpods battery information using a Interface box and warning. Also in the notification window you can view the battery information in real time, and easily and quickly set the cycle via this “airboss – best pods control”.

Now Control your airpod / airbud easily from smartphone – You do have a great found feature, which means you can locate / explore your airpod and trigger the sound if you lose or forget where your airpods are.

Very incredible key features of airbattery

  • Monitor AirPods 1 or 2 battery level
  • Periodically upgrade the state of the battery every second
  • Monitor tapping events and other airpod events
  • Search your airpods’ location quickly.
  • Display Live notification of the battery of the airpods
  • Automatic popup whenever AirPods are connected with smart device

How to be used and managed airpods through this application:

  • To allow permissions and to change any settings you want, install Air Battery – Best Battery Level & Control Widget, open the device once.
  • Attach your AirPods quickly and conveniently and the app begins to regularly show your battery levels.
  • You can also handle various airpod tapping events

Why does the feature work?

  • Manage Power airpods easily
  • Periodically monitor battery level every second
  • Discover airpods place
  • Sound generation & sound maintenance.

Find My Airpods – Finder For Headphones & Earbuds

In seconds, you can find lost AirPods or headphones, earbuds and headsets! You can find one or both of your AirPods.

  • Get the app and find out where your headphones are.
  • Battery not dead/powered on and can be found by the app
  • You can get it within 75 feet from your address connected with your smartphone
  • You can use the app to locate your AirPods, even when they’re not connected to your smartphone!
  • Upgrade to “Smart Finder” technology by making an in-app payment
  • Find out the precise location of your headphones, guaranteed. If the device is not located, you can get a refund in-app.

These devices were tested with Find My Headphones & Earbuds.

  • Apple AirPods Gen 1 and 2
  • Apple AirPods Pro
  • Beats Solo 3 Powerbeats 3 BeatsX Studio Pill
  • Bose AE2, SoundLink and SoundSport, Revolve Color II, QuietControl
  • Jabra Move Classic, Storm Extreme2, Extreme2, Mini Talk, Pro
  • Jaybird Freedom 1/2/F5, Jaybird Freedom X3 Sport Run
  • JBL Everest Elite 100, J46BTNC, J65BTNC and J46BT. T450BT. E45BT. Reflect Contour/Mini
  • Other wireless headphones and earbuds available. Compatible with all BLE (Bluetooth low Energy 4.0) headphones and earbuds
  • Earbuds or headphones that have not been tested and found to work:
    Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

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