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Best Recipe Apps for Android

The food scene on Android has been improving over the years, but there are still plenty of options to help you find your next meal. There are also a lot of apps that can help you get the most out of your meal.

The best recipe apps make it easy to find recipes and make them with your phone. It’s not just about the recipe, though. You need an app with good organization, easy navigation, and a good selection of recipes. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the best recipe apps for Android. These are our primary choices for the best recipe apps for Android.

Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools

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Yummly is one of the most poular recipe apps today, with over 1 million downloads in Google Play alone. Yummly also has a website and an Alexa skill that you can use to search for recipes on your smart speaker.

The app itself has many features that make it easy to use and fun to browse through. There are over 50 categories of recipes, including meals, drinks, snacks, and desserts. You can also search by ingredient or dietary restriction if you want something specific for your needs. If you’re looking for new recipes to try out on friends or family, Yummly has a “What’s Hot” feature that shows you trending recipes from people worldwide based on popularity and ratings from other users.

The app also offers two different ways to view recipes: list mode and grid mode. You can sort by most popular or most recently added items and filter results based on ingredients already in your pantry or refrigerator. Yummly works excellent if you’re cooking for one person or a large group; there’s something for everyone!


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Tasty is an app that lets you search for recipes, watch how-to videos, and get inspired by the world’s best chefs. The content is curated by the editors at BuzzFeed Food, who are best known for their listicles like “13 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches You Need in Your Life” and “The Best Healthy Snacks to Keep You Full All Day Long.”

You can search recipes by classification or search for them by keyword. If you find something you like, you can save it to your favorites and share it with others via social media or email.

There are also tutorials on making different types of food and video guides on how to cook certain dishes from start to finish (for example, making French toast).

Cookpad: Find & Share Recipes

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Cookpad is a free recipe app that helps you find and share recipes. With over 2 million recipes from home cooks, Cookpad is Japan’s largest food-sharing community. Cookpad has an excellent user interface, making it easy to navigate the app and find the perfect recipe. The app also lets you keep and pin your favorite recipes to access them quickly.

The best feature of Cookpad is its ability to search for recipes using keywords or specific ingredients. This makes it easy to find recipes that match your preferences and dietary needs. Cookpad also offers a wide variety of cooking videos that demonstrate how to prepare certain dishes step by step. The videos are beneficial if you’re new to cooking and want some pointers before starting your first meal.

Recipe Keeper

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The Recipe Keeper app is not a bad application at all. In fact, it is one of the best cooking apps that I have ever used on my Android device. With this app, you can easily list your favorite recipes and share them with your friends and family members. This will help you remember all your favorite foods and make them again whenever you want to eat them.

The incredible aspect of this app is that it allows you to put any recipe in it. So whether it is a traditional recipe from your mother or a fancy recipe from an online magazine, you can easily add it to the app. You can also take pictures of each step of making the dish to know precisely what goes where and how everything should look when done correctly!

The other thing that makes this app so good is that it has many categories for different food items. So if you are looking for pizza recipes or salad recipes, this is the right place for you!

SuperCook – Recipe Generator

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Supercook – Recipe Generator is a free and fun app that helps you find recipes based on your cooking skills, ingredients, and cuisine preferences. You can add your recipes or share them with friends and family.

Supercook is a great way to discover new recipes. The app uses artificial intelligence to recommend meals based on what you already have in your pantry, fridge, and freezer. You can also search for specific ingredients or cuisines.

The app has over 15 million recipes from more than 180 countries worldwide. It includes popular dishes from each region, like Thai green curry or French onion soup.

SideChef: Recipes, Meal Planner, Grocery Shopping

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SideChef is a recipe app for Android. The app has many features like a grocery list, meal planner, nutrition information, and more. But before we start talking about all its features, let’s talk about its design first. The app has a clean interface, and it’s very easy to use. You can add ingredients to your shopping list by just tapping on them. You can also get suggestions based on what you already have in your pantry or fridge.

Depending on your goals, the app also has personalized meal plans to help you lose weight or gain muscle mass. It will give you thorough instructions on making each meal using ingredients from your kitchen and local stores near you, so there won’t be any need for special delivery or trips to expensive.

BigOven Recipes & Meal Planner

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BigOven Recipes & Meal Planner is another great recipe app for android. It has an extensive database of recipes, and it’s easy to use. The app has over 100 million recipes, which is large compared to other similar apps. It includes many different categories such as appetizers, slices of bread, burgers, chicken, desserts, drinks, fish & seafood, pasta, pork & lamb, and many more.

You can filter the results by ingredients in your kitchen or by dietary restrictions like gluten-free or vegan. You can also find recipes with specific keywords like “healthy” or “vegetarian.”

The app has a BigOven Meal Planner feature that lets you create weekly meal plans based on the recipes you already like and want to try out in the future. This saves you time because it automatically creates a shopping list based on your preferences and makes sure that all ingredients are available when needed.

CookBook – Recipe Manager

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CookBook allows you to categorize your recipes by main ingredient, course, and equipment needed to prepare them. You can also add tags for each recipe for easy searching later on.

The app allows you to create your custom categories and store notes about each recipe so that you can remember what ingredients were used or what tweaks you made to the original recipe.

You can also add pictures of your completed dish, which makes browsing through recipes much more manageable when finding something new to make for dinner (or lunch).

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