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Best Email Apps for Android

The best email apps for Android are the ones that offer a rich and intuitive experience. The better your email app, the more productive you’ll be. Most of us use email daily — whether it’s to communicate with colleagues at work or family and friends at home. If your emails are important to you, you should have an email app that lets you get the most out of them.

There are dozens of different options available in the Play Store, but not all are created equal. They dffer in design and features, but they can also impact how fast your phone runs over time. In this article, we handpicked the top-performing email apps for Android to make your life better.

Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email apps for android. It’s from Microsoft, so if you have a Microsoft account, you can use this app to send and receive emails from that account on your phone. You can also use Outlook to manage other types of funds, such as POP3 or IMAP accounts. You’ll need to set up these accounts in the app first, though.

The most significant advantage of using Microsoft Outlook is that it’s free and easy to set up. All you need to do is log into your Microsoft account on your computer and then connect this account with your phone by scanning the QR code or entering the code manually. Then you can send and receive emails from your PC right away.

Outlook has a few helpful features that stand out from your average email app. The most useful is Focused Inbox, which filters out newsletters, social media updates, and other non-essential messages — putting them in their tab, so they’re not cluttering up your inbox.

Yahoo Mail – Organized Email

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Yahoo Mail is one of the best email apps for Android. The app comes with all the features you need in a mail client. It is easy to use and has everything from sending money directly from your inbox to tracking packages and creating reminders. If you are looking for an email app for Android, then this is it.

The Yahoo Mail app for Android has many features and comes with some great customization options. It lets you access multiple Yahoo accounts at once to stop switching between them all the time. With this app, you can also access other email services like Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, and Office 365.

It comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to navigate through emails without any problems quickly. The interface is also very intuitive, which means that it won’t take much time to use it properly, even if you have never used it before.

Email Blue Mail – Calendar

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Email Blue Mail is an email app for Android devices. The app claims to be a complete email app for your Android device. You can create multiple accounts with different providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc. You can also add your corporate email account by adding the connection settings manually. The app supports both IMAP and POP accounts.

There are three tabs in the app, including inbox, sent items, and drafts. You can also set up filters for incoming messages based on sender name or subject line to organize them easily. You can prsonalize the look and feel of your emails through different themes available in this app and also choose between 3 different font size options to suit your needs better. Some advanced options are available within this app, such as adding attachments from storage or other apps without having any file size limitation or sending large files using Bluetooth connectivity, etc.

You can set up reminders so that you don’t forget necessary appointments or meetings with friends or family members by setting up calendar reminders right inside the program itself rather than going through another program on your computer.


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Gmail has many features that make it unique and popular among users. The most notable feature of Gmail is its ability to be accessed from any device or platform, making it a convenient solution for those who wish to access their emails on the go or at home.

Gmail is free and offers 15 gigabytes of storage space. You can send emails up to 25 megabytes in size, and messages will be delivered instantly. The app also has a powerful search tool to find any news in your inbox or send messages quickly.

Other valuable features include archiving, labeling, and filtering emails. You can also send attachments up to 25 megabytes in size, which is more than enough for most people’s needs.

Spark – Email App

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Spark is an email app for Android designed to be easy to use and intuitive. Thanks to smart gestures and an intelligent algorithm, the app lets you quickly find the messages that matter most to you. It also organizes your inbox by topic to quickly see which emails are most important. You can use Spark as your default email app alongside your other apps.

Spark is a great email app for Android. It has many features and settings that you can tweak to make it your own. It offers a variety of themes and customizations, including a dark mode that helps you stay up later at night when you’re working on emails.

The app also has some pretty good integrations with other services such as Google Calendar and Dropbox — but there are many more integrations available through plugins that can be added in the app settings menu.

myMail: app for Gmail&Outlook

The app has a modern interface that looks great on all devices. It comes with several features that help you manage your inbox better, and it comes with a built-in chat feature to start conversations directly from within the app.

myMail is an email client for Gmail and with a simple, intuitive interface. It’s also one of the few apps supporting multiple accounts simultaneously. This can come in handy if you have a work account and a personal one or numerous work accounts that you need access to.

You can switch between accounts by tapping the icon next to your name in the top right corner of the screen. The number of unread emails appears beside each arrangement, so you know at a glance which part has new messages waiting for you.

Spike Email – Mail & Team Chat

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Spike Email is a team chat and email app for Android. It promotes itself as an alternative to Gmail and other email apps. You can use Spike Email to chat with your team, create shared folders, and manage tasks. It’s an all-in-one solution for personal and business email, with powerful features like sweep and snooze, undo send, rich text formatting, etc. It has a beautiful interface that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. It’s also packed with powerful features that make it an excellent choice for business users.

The app can handle unlimited mailboxes, so you can set up as many different accounts as you like without running out of space. You can even add subfolders and customize their appearance using rules.

If you receive an email with attachments or links to files stored on your device, you can tap on them to open them directly from within Spike Email — without leaving the app! This saves time by eliminating the need to exit the app and open another one just to view a file or attachment.

Proton Mail – Encrypted Email

ProtonMail is an encrypted email service that has been around since 2014. It was created by scientists at CERN and MIT who wanted to create a more secure method of communication.

The app’s interface is simple and easy to use. It automatically encrypts your message when sending it, so only the intended recipient can read it. The recipient receives a link to decrypt the message if they have a ProtonMail account. If they don’t have an account yet, ProtonMail will send an invitation to them so they can sign up for one easily from within the app itself.

The app is free and can be used on all devices, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. The only downside is that it requires an invitation code to use, so you won’t be able to download it until you get approved. This is different from traditional email services like Gmail or Yahoo Mail, where the company can read your emails if they want to do so.

Nine – Email & Calendar

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Nine is a new email app for android that promises to be the best email app out there. Nine is a free app with in-app purchases and offers many unique features like gesture support and a snooze feature. If you’re looking for an alternative to Gmail or Inbox, Nine may be worth checking out.

The first thing you’ll notice about Nine is its design. The interface is clean and simple but not dull. It’s one of the better-looking email apps out there right now. The second thing you’ll notice is its gesture support — swipe left or right on an email to archive or snooze it.

The most helpful feature of Nine is its snooze feature. When an email comes in, you can simply swipe left on it and tap Snooze instead of Archive — this will put the email back into your inbox at a later date/time of your choosing (up to six months). This makes dealing with emails much easier than having them clutter your inbox until you get around to dealing with them later.

Email – Fast & Secure Mail

The app has been developed by the same company that created the popular web browser Flynx, which is also available on Android. As its name suggests, Email-Fast & Secure Mail aims to provide you with an easy-to-use email experience without any unnecessary features or complicated settings. The developers have ensured that it’s as intuitive as possible by including some handy features such as swipe gestures and quick notification access.

If you’re looking for an email app that offers more than just basic features, such as syncing with your Gmail account, then Email – Fast & Secure Mail is worth checking out.

The app’s main menu is simple and easy to navigate. The menu lists all of your accounts along with their associated folders. One of Email-Fast & Secure Mail’s strengths is its ability to sync with Google services like Gmail and Google Calendar. If you use these services in other apps on your device (like Chrome), they will also show up here in Email – Fast & Secure Mail. It also means that if you have multiple devices — like a phone and a tablet — all of them will be able to access these same services through this one app.

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