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Best Minecraft Alternatives for Android

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. It has been around for a long time and has a massive community of players. However, some people might be looking for something new or different from Minecraft. If you are one of those people, this article is for you!

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Minecraft is building. And that’s what makes the game so fun. You can build whatever you want and do whatever you want in it. If you are looking for some alternatives for Minecraft, this is the perfect article.

Crafting and Building

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Crafting and Building is a Minecraft alternative that offers several features similar to the original game. The game has been around for over five years and has undergone many changes, but at its core, it’s still about mining resources, building structures, and surviving against hostile creatures.

You can also build your own house or explore the world, searching for other players or animals to kill. There are no goals or quests in this game, which means nothing stops you from enjoying it as much as possible!

This game has two main features: survival and creative mode. In Survival mode, you’re dropped into an open world where you have to find food and water resources to survive. You’ll also have to deal with hostile creatures such as zombies or skeletons who will attack if they see you!

London Craft: Blocky Building Games 3D 2018

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This sandbox game allows you to create worlds, build them up, and explore them with friends. The game is similar in style to Minecraft with its blocky graphics and simple gameplay. The gameplay of London Craft: Blocky Building Games 3D 2018 consists of building environments and exploring them with friends.

The graphics are excellent, and the animations are very smooth. You can almost feel like you’re in an actual city when you play this game! The controls are easy to learn and understand as well. It’s easy to start playing the game without having any previous experience with these games.


Block Story is a Minecraft clone available on Steam and the Google Play Store. It was developed by Vastl Inc., an indie developer based in China.

Block Story is a sandbox game with RPG elements. You can build whatever you want, explore the world, and fight monsters. The game features 2D graphics, which gives it a nostalgic look. However, it doesn’t seem to be very optimized for mobile devices.

The gameplay is similar to Minecraft: you can gather resources and craft items using them. The crafting system is easy to use, and you’ll get used to it quickly. Block Story also allows you to play with friends online or offline, which will make things more interesting than if you were playing alone all the time. This is one of the best alternatives to Minecraft since it offers similar gameplay and graphics but at a much lower price tag.

LostMiner: Block Building & Craft Game

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LostMiner: Block Building & Craft Game is a free-to-play sandbox game where you can build your world, explore it and even fight enemies. This game allows you to play with your friends in multiplayer mode, which is excellent because it makes the experience more fun. You can also create your server if you want to play alone.

The gameplay is pretty simple and easy to get used to. LostMiner: Block Building & Craft Game is an excellent alternative to Minecraft because it offers similar gameplay with better graphics, features, and a more accessible interface.

You can also play this game on your browser without downloading it, but it will be better if you download the app for a better gaming experience. The app size is only 1 MB, which will take less time to download.

RealmCraft 3D Mine Block World

RealmCraft 3D Mine Block World is a new Minecraft-like game that promises to offer an excellent experience for players. The game is very similar to Minecraft, but it has unique features. The same developer created it as RealmCraft, which was one of the first 3D multiplayer games on Facebook

RealmCraft 3D Mine Block World is a survival adventure game where you can build your world and explore others. The game has been designed to look like Minecraft, so you should try it out if you’re looking for something similar.

The gameplay is straightforward, but it can sometimes be challenging due to all the required building aspects. You can explore different worlds and collect materials to craft weapons, tools, and other items that will help you survive. You can also fight against monsters who want to harm you while exploring these worlds.

MultiCraft — Build and Mine!

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MultiCraft is an Android game that lets you create your world in the Minecraft style. You can build anything you want — houses, castles, vehicles, or entire cities. The game includes many tools that will help you with this task: axes, hammers, saws, shovels, etc. You can also use different materials to build your own house: wood and stone are the most common ones, but other materials such as iron or diamonds are also.

The game offers players a great experience thanks to its high-quality graphics and realistic physics engine. The sound effects also add to this immersive experience by giving you a natural feeling of being in a virtual world.

The app is highly customizable, too, since it allows users to modify their characters’ appearance by changing their clothes or adding accessories like hats or glasses. This customization system is very similar to that found in other games like Stardew Valley, where players have total control over their character’s looks.

Earth Craft

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Earth Craft is a Minecraft alternative that lets you build and explore your world. It offers the same features as Minecraft, including crafting, building, and mining. You can also build structures from scratch or import them from other games like Sims 4 or Cities: Skylines. The graphics are decent enough to make it worth playing.

The most significant difference between Earth Craft and other Minecraft alternatives is free-to-play with microtransactions. So your gameplay won’t be limited by anything other than your creativity.

The game starts with an introduction where you can choose your character and customize them however you want! This is an excellent feature because it allows players to be creative and express themselves through fashion choices. Once you’ve customized your character, Earth Craft will take you on an adventure through different worlds such as the Forest, Desert, Cave, and more! Each world has its challenges for you to overcome, such as finding hidden objects or completing quests.


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Mikecraft is another Minecraft alternative that offers many features that make it worth using. It’s also very easy to install, so you can start playing in no time. Mikecraft is quite similar to Minecraft, but it has some unique features apart from its competitors.

The game also comes with many different worlds to explore, so if you get bored with one world, you can go to another one and start building new stuff there. The game also features an increased difficulty level compared to most other games like minecraft. The world is much bigger, and many more dangers lurking around every corner. This makes the game even more fun because you never know what might be waiting for you next!

Craft World – Master Building Block Game 3D

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Craft World is a 3D sandbox-building game that allows you to build anything you can imagine. It’s very similar to Minecraft, but it has some unique features that make it a great alternative to Minecraft.

Craft World is a lot like Minecraft in that it’s a sandbox-building game where you can create anything you want. You start with nothing and have to collect resources to craft better tools, weapons, and armor. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to build more complex structures and items and explore other worlds.

Craft World has more realistic graphics than Minecraft does, which makes the game look much more professional than most other indie titles out there at this time. There are more customization options available in Craft World. You can change your character’s appearance by changing their hair style and color, and there are also many different clothing options available for purchase at the store.

Block Craft 3D:Building Game

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Block Craft 3D: Building Game is a game where you can build your world with blocks and share them with other players. The app has been around for over a year now and has been highly popular.

The game is an excellent alternative to Minecraft if you are looking for something new but don’t want to spend money on it. The game also has more than just building. You can do many different things in the game, such as fishing, farming, and even racing!

In Block Craft 3D, there are a lot of things to do. You can collect resources and make items by yourself or trade with other players. Besides that, you can also visit other players’ creations and rate them with stars if they are good enough for you. The game takes place in an open world where you can explore different areas and collect resources like wood, stone, iron ore, etc.

WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft

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WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft is a game that perfectly imitates the Minecraft experience. The graphics are very similar, and the game even has its version of the classic crafting system. The best part about WorldCraft is its simplicity – there are no complicated controls or menus to navigate through; everything is laid out in front of you, so there’s no need to worry about messing up when playing the game.

It’s an online multiplayer game where you can build your world from scratch and explore other people’s creations. You start with a small bare patch of land where you can build whatever you want. You can use blocks to create buildings or anything else your imagination comes up with. If you don’t know how to make something yourself, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that will help you get started right away!

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