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Best Korean Study Apps for Android

As the most popular and widespread language globally, it’s no surprise that Korean is a fast-growing language being taught in many academies worldwide. If you’re planning to learn Korean or just want to impress your Korean friends, you need to know here are some Korean study apps to get you started.

Learn Korean Offline

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Discover a whole new world of language learning with Learn Korean Offline. Its intuitive and effective approach to teaching the basics will have you reading your first sentence in no time. Packed with innovative features, Learn Korean Offline is built for flexibility, with four courses for students of all levels and a wide range of equipment options available.

The application teaches you to read and write Hangul, the Korean alphabet, by presenting you with word puzzles. The study of the Korean language is combined with a variety of writing and reading practice exercises. You will learn to correctly write Korean Hangul letters, syllables, words, and short sentences within fifteen minutes per day.

Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun

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Korean App, Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun is one of the leading Korean language learning apps and has garnered over 1 million downloads. Egg bun is an app that teaches you Korean by allowing you to practice conjugating Korean verbs, which is one of the best ways to learn. The interface is stylish and simple with a side navigation menu, and there are several interactive features as well, such as games.

The app is created and run by people who are actually Korean, which is a big plus. It features 8-second videos, interactive activities, and fun games to help you practice what you have learned. The lessons are tailored for both beginner and intermediate levels, so there’s something for everyone!

Learn Korean – Grammar

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Learn Korean – Grammar is the best mobile app for learning Korean grammar, it’s a must-have for all students of the Korean language. Not only is the app easy to navigate and fun to use, but also far more effective than other apps on the market.

If you’re looking for a capable application that can teach you Korean, you must have an app like Learn Korean! It is a language-learning application that includes various types of Korean grammar explanations and exercises to help you learn Korean effectively.

Write It! Korean

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If you are looking for a good hangul app to learn how to write Hangul characters, this is the best app for you. Korean writing is difficult to learn. But, with the “Write it!” app, you can write Korean easily. The app covers all three types of Korean: hanja (Chinese characters), Hagul(alphabets), and alphanumeric (English alphabet). Since it includes all three types of Korean, beginners and advanced students can use the app easily.

Korean is a language with many grammatical rules, and any native English speaker will have trouble picking up the grammar structure. The application is called Write It! Korean includes a dictionary, translator, flashcards, and 10 lessons each with accompanying audio. It almost feels like having a real-life tutor for the Korean language. The best part about this application is that it includes detailed explanations of writing the characters, which makes it easier to memorize them.

Learn Korean language & hangul

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Learn the Korean language & hangul is a good app for those starting to learn Korean. It covers the basics of grammar and helps you with pronunciation. The app offers many features, such as flashcards for learning words and quizzes to check your understanding of how to use sentences.

It creates a system that if you’re not sure how to pronounce something, it will tell you. Also, you can flip through the alphabet and see the correct pronunciation. This app it’s a great start to learning Korean. Download it now.

Teuida: Learn & Speak Korean

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Teuida: Learn & Speak Korean is perfect for beginners. It can help you convert your beginner learning experience into a rewarding journey by guiding you with pronunciation, sentence structure, and conversation in Korean.

Teuida lets you practice what you have learned and acquire fundamental world communication skills compared to other popular products. With interactive audio lessons that are easy to understand, streamlined functions, and superior multimedia quality, Teuida is a great app to start. It has a wide variety of Korean lessons. All the Korean learners looking for a deeper understanding of Korean sounds and listening skills will find this helpful app.

Learn Korean Phrasebook

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Learn Korean Phrasebook is a nifty little app for any tourist who is traveling to Korea. The app contains all the essential phrases you need to know when you arrive in the country. There’s even a dedicated section on greetings which enabled me to grasp the basics of using honorifics and age-related language in Korean.

The app helps its users to communicate in real situations. It provides the most common phrases that are used in Korea. In addition, it has been designed to be very easy to use, and it contains the best pronunciation from native people. If you travel to Korea, you will know some words spoken by the people and get through your trip with ease and less stress.

Patchim Training:Learning Korean Language in 3min!

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Patchim is an innovative site that teaches Korean by turning English phrases into images, then translating them into Korean characters. It trains you to learn the Korean language in 3 minutes by teaching you three sentences. 

A patchim course consists of fun, meaningful words. The flashcards included are all functional and interactive. You can interact with other Patchim users worldwide in a friendly environment. The phonetic system makes it easier for you to get started and allows you to learn any word pronounced correctly by anyone from anywhere in the world. The system is also relatively easy to use; users just need to tap on each word shown on the screen to see it pronounced by a native speaker. 

What makes Patchim so different and effective is its approach to teaching a language – it ignores all the conventional wisdom. The makers of Patchim think learning a new language is as easy as memorizing a song; they’re wrong, but they’re dead wrong in a good way.

90 Day Korean

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Korean is one of the most essential languages to learn, especially if you love watching Korean dramas. Understanding it would be hard without an app like 90 Day Korean. With over 300 lessons, 90 Day Korean offers a lot for people who want to learn the language.

90 Day Korean is a set of ten review audio tracks designed to help you master the basics of Korean pronunciation and listening comprehension. Listen to these short tracks, available in genres including Korean fairy tales, Korean news, and natural conversations, to learn how to hold basic conversations in Korean within only three months!

Duolingo: language lessons

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Duolingo is an award-winning language-learning tool. The app looks at your existing vocabulary knowledge. It starts with simple phrases and then teaches you useful everyday expressions and conversational skills to help you communicate effectively in your new language. It does this by letting you learn a few words every day rather than overwhelming you with information.

Duolingo is a language-based app. You do basic lessons in the language you are learning, and it tests you to see what you have learned. This helps your brain remember the material better. You can also compete with other people online who understand the same language, making learning more fun!

Learn Korean Vocabulary Free

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