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Best Anime and Manga Apps for Android

Are you obsessed with Anime or Manga? Then this article is just for you. We have collected the best anime and manga apps for Android. Anime has captured the hearts of many people, especially young people. The main reasons for that are the beautiful storylines, the fantastic graphics, and the clever plots.

Manga is also an exciting comic dealing with everything from romance to action. There are thousands of different Manga comic genres to choose from. Check out some of the best Android Manga and Anime apps that can help you enjoy these cartoons on your Android phone or tablet in 2022.


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Manga Plus by Shueisha is a free app that lets fans keep track of their favorite manga, anime, and light novels. You can browse hundreds of series and check out the latest news about your favorite shows. You can also get updates on when a new issue of your favorite titles will be out.

The app’s essential functions include:
Reading manga and anime.
Checking for news on new titles.
Accessing the latest issues of popular magazines like Shonen Jump or Dengeki Bunko.

Manga plus is a digital manga reader that allows you to access an assortment of digital manga collections and popular new releases from companies like Shueisha. The app’s collection includes over 50,000 digital titles, and it has an awe-inspiring selection of content, including classic manga such as One Piece and Naruto. You can use the manga app as an e-reader or browse around and read stories by title. You can also view the covers and get other information about each story.

MangaToon – Manga Reader

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If you love manga and comics, this is the app for you! There are thousands of good manga stories in different genres (Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy) from all over the world available in this app. Some of these stories have been translated into English.

MangaToon offers a wide range of manga books that can be read easily on your mobile phone. With MangaToon, you will access many different manga and comics books available in the app. Some are free to read, while others can be bought using in-app purchases. The user interface is very simple and easy to use, making it very easy to find your favorite manga or comic book series. You can even search by name to find a specific title.

This app is excellent for someone looking for a good comic that doesn’t have too many chapters to read at once. It has an exciting plot with some twists along the way that will keep you guessing until the end.


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If you love reading comic books, you are in for a treat! WEBTOON is the best app for exploring and discovering different stories from different genres. WEBTOON has over 180 comic books and stories waiting to be read. You can easily browse through its collections and choose which story catches your attention the most. The app lets users create their own stories and share them with others. You can even upload illustrations and share your ideas to inspire other people.

One of the best things about WEBTOON is its interactive features that allow users to interact with one another. This feature is similar to social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where people can like content posted by others, comment on it, or share their thoughts about it.

It’s very easy to use. You can select the genres you like, select the language, or even scroll through all the comics on the app. The app also has recommendations similar to Netflix, where they recommend things based on what you like.


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Bilibili Comics: Read Comics is one of the best manga or anime apps. It has a great database of content and is easily accessible. It has a general user rating of 4.5 with around 90,000 votes and 5 million downloads on the Google Play store. This app is also listed in the category of Comics on the play store.

This manga and anime app lets you read comics and cartoons online. The quality of comics on BILIBILI COMICS is good. This app has plenty of content, too; they have everything from Naruto Shippuden to Dragon Ball Z, so there’s something for everyone.

Overall this application is excellent, and it’s effortless to use. The primary thing that causes it to stand out from other manga or anime apps is its lovely design, simple and easy to use, everything is available for free, and many other features.

Crunchyroll Manga

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Crunchyroll Manga is a new service that the popular anime streaming app Crunchyroll started recently. It has a friendly interface, and navigating around the app was easy. It contains all the qualities you would anticipate from a premium service, such as bookmarking, downloading chapters, resume where you left off reading, and even sharing pages or entire chapters through Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re an avid manga reader and looking for something other than what your local library offers, Crunchyroll Manga might be for you. It provides many more series than most libraries can offer, so if you’re looking for something in particular, there’s a high chance you might be able to find it here.

Shonen Jump Manga & Comics

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Shonen Jump is an excellent app for those who are very into anime. The manga/anime is updated monthly, and you can read through it as much as you want. You can also log in with social media accounts, so that’s another excellent feature of this app.

The app has several different manga series and comics that you can read, including Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, The Promised Neverland, Dragon Ball Super, and many more! Some manga and comic series are free to read, such as Kimetsu no Yaiba and Dr. Stone.

The application is free and easy to use. It has good quality graphics, sound effects, and animations. The app also provides access to exclusive content and updates on new manga releases.


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WebComics is a manga and manhwa reader app that allows you to read from a library of more than 50,000 titles in multiple languages. It has an elegant design and tons of features, like offline reading and pushes notifications every time new chapters are released.

WebComics has both original comics and titles licensed from publishers worldwide, so there’s something for everyone. The app includes plenty of features, such as bookmarking pages, zooming in and out, and even downloading comics to read later on. There are also content recommendations and free coins every day you use the app.

WebComics is a collection of various manga comics in diverse genres, such as romance, action, horror, martial art, and comedy. Now you can read them online anytime and anywhere on your Android device!

Manga Geek – Manga Reader

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Manga Geek – Manga Reader is an excellent app for anime and manga fans, whether you want to browse through recommendations or search for your favorite stories. With a wide range of genres, you’re sure to find something that will appeal to you. If you love anime and manga, it’s worth checking out.

It has a simple interface with beautiful features. The application comes with a broad scope of diverse manga titles in English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish. The main page shows you a list of manga series, which you can sort by alphabetical order, genre, recently updated, or popularity. The sorting feature is nice because it helps you find new series to read.

You can also download your favorite manga and read them offline. The download speed is fast, and you can easily select the quality of images you want to download. You can also change your manga books’ font size and style as per your interest. Manga Geek – Manga Reader app is entirely free, and it does not contain any advertisements either.


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Mangamo is a decent manga reading platform with an extensive collection of manga. They have some well-known manga translated for the first time in English. Mangamo does not have every title, but it has the most popular tags that people want to read.

Manga titles tend to be serialized in magazine issues before they can be collected into volumes — but with Mangamo, you can enjoy both chapters published in print and chapters that haven’t been published in English before.

Mangamo is a new manga and anime app that delivers a good range of titles, and you can read as extensively as you like at a price a bit cheaper than some competitors. Mangamo also offers “chapters” from Japanese magazines, including some that have never been available in English before.

Manta: Unlimited Comics

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Manga and anime are not just Japan’s thing. The whole world is into it, and thanks to the internet, it has been made available to almost everyone. One app that allows users to read a vast collection of mangas and comics is Manta: Unlimited Comics. It contains both Japanese and Chinese comics and Korean webtoons for free.

With this app, you can read thousands of free manga titles and subscribe to the service and download hundreds of ad-free premium titles. The app’s layout is easy to use and pleasing to the eyes. The home screen offers a list of manga categories you can scroll through, and each category page displays a featured title at the top.

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