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Best Home Security Apps for Android

Nowadays, every smartphone or android device comes with a built-in camera. So it’s not surprising that home security apps for android devices are gaining popularity in recent days. Home security cameras are needed to let you know when someone is inside your home, who it is and whether they are staying or just passing through.

Home security apps can be a great way to monitor your home’s safety from an Android smartphone or tablet. With just a few inexpensive components, you can control and monitor your home, see who is coming and going, keep track of home energy use, and even see who has been in your home while away. You can set alerts for when doors open, turn lights on and off, and more. Whether you are concerned about your own security or want to monitor a home for an absent property owner, some great apps are available for use with Android devices. This list details the best home security apps so you can be safe and secure in your own home.

AlfredCamera Home Security app

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The AlfredCamera Home Security app works with existing devices to provide you and your family with real-time motion detection and glass breaking alerts. With easy-to-understand alerts and only a tiny footprint on your smartphone, this easy-to-use security app may be all you need to feel safe in your home again.

Alfred’s Camera lets you keep tabs on your home when you’re not there. It brings an easy-to-use and beautiful interface that eliminates the complexity that plagues so many security system apps yet offers advanced features for the power user. With Alfred, you can create schedules for your home’s security cameras and lights. When you leave, Alfred can notify the right people on your team when you’re due to return and adjust your security settings-like closing windows, turning lights on, or arming the alarm-when it notices you’re away.

Alfred will invisibly protect your home, day and night, while you are out. In just minutes, this revolutionary laser system will mount to the outside of your house and begin protecting your home. Keep burglars away without changing the look or feel of your home with the most convenient and advanced home security available today.

App screenshot - 0App screenshot - 1 is a home security system app and service developed for use with professionally monitored home security systems and runs on both Android and iOS devices. Its uncomplicated design and ease of use make it a viable option for those who want to add some basic home security to their lives but don’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment or installation.

Before you begin, make sure to sign up for a free account and connect your home router to the internet. works with most routers, switch boxes, security panels, sensors, and is a home security app that gives you control of your security. The app offers both free and subscription-based home security monitoring, which can net you financial savings on your monthly home protection bill beyond providing peace of mind.

Home Security Camera & Monitor

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Most home security systems cost an arm and a leg. But there are some outstanding free systems that you can set up quickly. Home Security Camera & Monitor’s video stream has impressive video quality, especially compared to rivals who offer lower-paying customers lesser quality video streams. Their home security app is user-friendly and gives you live from your home in real-time.

Home Security Camera & Monitor is a mobile app for iOS and Android. It is safe, easy to install, and use, with all of the essential benefits of this type of product in one place: remote surveillance, alerts via sound and push notification, night vision, cloud backup, should the camera or phone be damaged or lost.

The Home Monitor is an easy-to-use, stand-alone home monitoring solution that can be used as a security camera or a room monitor. With a wide viewing angle, HD video, and intuitive app control, our wireless home security camera is a great way to bring another level of safety to your home.

AtHome Camera – phone as remote monitor

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Home security is of utmost importance. When you are far away or on vacation, it gives thieves the perfect time to break into your home. Thankfully, our smartphones have made home security more accessible than ever before. There are plenty of apps that give us remote control over cameras monitoring our homes. One example is the AtHome Camera. This app has a 99% approval rating on Google Play and only costs $3.99 to use for a lifetime warranty, with no more payments or fees.

AtHome Camera is a free app that turns your phone into a wireless home monitor. This security app can tell you if your doors or windows are open or closed with time stamps. Another pro is the free cloud storage it comes with. It takes only minutes to install.  This is the ultimate surveillance tool for your home. So, when you aren’t there in your home, this app will catch anyone trying to enter your private property and take pictures of them.

Home Security Camera WardenCam – reuse old phones

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WardenCam allows you to use your old Android phones as a surveillance device (DVR) with live view and data recording capabilities. You can monitor using the web browser or using its mobile app. This app is a simple DIY project that anyone can do and costs far less than commercial solutions.

WardenCam is a security camera app that lets you monitor your home using old Android phones. Choose the phones you want to use and connect them to your WiFi router via an ethernet cable. You can then monitor your home from almost anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. The app features a live view of your home, intelligent motion detection, scheduled events, etc.

The goal of the Home Security camera is to give you a better understanding of your home/apartment when you are not there with motion alerts, sound, and video recording.

SimpliSafe Home Security App

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The SimpliSafe home security system is a no-contract, DIY, wireless home security system. It is simple to set up and has low costs in exchange for some lower-end hardware and very limiting sensor options. The interface is a smartphone app that allows you to change settings around the house without being there.

SimpliSafe specializes in wireless security systems that are easy to use and offer real-time connectivity. The app allowed me to remotely control all device settings, including arming or disarming specific devices. It’s affordable, effective, and comes without any contracts. You can build your security system by choosing from the options of wireless equipment you want, such as wireless door and window sensors, a siren or remote keypad, or an indoor camera.

Home Security Camera – SeeCiTV

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SeeCiTV is a video monitoring and management app for iOS, Android, and Amazon. Its purpose is to protect homes and businesses, combined with commercial security equipment. SeeCiTV can send alerts when movement is detected. It also has a cloud recording system to view your video history.

The application has a broad range of functionalities and can be used as a baby monitor or a pet monitor. Professional security experts have tried this system and decided that it is highly advantageous but often face issues with its stability and privacy features. The cameras are hard to set up if you are inexperienced in this field but are rich in features otherwise. SeeCiTV also seems to have high bandwidth requirements to stream high-quality videos.

The app allows you to keep an eye on your house anywhere with an Internet connection. You can view and manage the camera live and save recordings of activities you don’t want to miss. It is a phone application designed to capture video and audio of suspicious activity in your home.

Security Camera CZ

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A security camera is something that every home needs, but it needs to be a high-quality camera so you can be sure to get the best recording of anything you need. An excellent security camera app is a way to find the right camera for your home and make sure you have it whenever you need it.

The Security Camera CZ is the latest app on the market created to protect your home and loved ones. The app works by sending videos of intrusions, detection of smoke or gas, and event timeline details to your phone.

The app allows you to monitor your home with ease. It will enable you to view your video recordings and control your cameras right from the app. Using the latest technology comes with some great features. Security Camera CZ has an option to blur out your face so that other people cannot tell who it is when they look at a recording, which is something that most security cameras do not have.

Home Security Camera – Home Eye

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The app has drawn inspiration from Pokemon Go and has the look and feel of Pokemon Go. However, instead of catching Pokemons, you can select the options like “Opening your door,” “Triggered by noise,” etc… to catch burglars. It also has a night-time mode to capture motion in a pitch-black environment for its Motion Detection feature. This can work as an alternative to home security alarms.

Home Eye is a smart home security app that quickly turns your android smartphone into a security camera. Simply download the app and stick Home Eye to your windows and doors using self-adhesive. Next, connect it to wifi. You can create an alert on your phone, and Home Eye will capture photos or videos when there’s motion in front of it.

Home Eye allows you to record live surveillance video using a home camera or take photos with a built-in camera. The app can send e-mail, real-time push notification alerts, and the password protects the saved data. Two-way audio expands the options even further, and all of this is available throughout your entire home via wifi or cellular connection.

Cawice: Security Camera

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Cawice is a home security camera app that utilizes your front and rear flash on your phone. It also features motion sensing and alarm detection. This application promises to be simple, fast, reliable, and easy to use. It has 2-way audio and night vision, which can help keep you safe in the dark. It integrates with other intelligent devices currently on the market. If security is what you need most, give this app a try.

Another feature of cawice is seeing your Cawice’s view on any web browser. You will also never run out of storage since videos are stored right on the cloud.  You can change the stream type by motion only or sound only and talk to family members through the app. It could also turn on and off lights, connect other devices, and operate them together in one scene. With an optional alarm and a sensitivity sensor, Cawice can be programmed to notify you if someone is coming near your budget door.

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